For the vast majority of companies that were not “born” digital—and therefore not primed to take advantage of all the latest cloud technologies—there’s little choice about whether to modernize or not. Remaining stuck in the past in your infrastructure, technology, applications, and approach to software development means ceding the race to more agile, responsive, and innovative competitors. Large legacy businesses today must evolve quickly to remain competitive and relevant.



Rather than approaching modernization as simply a way to survive in your industry, it’s more productive to view it as the primary way to achieve business agility in the modern era. Modernization and transformation power your company’s ability to deliver measurable and sustainable outcomes such as:


  1. Improving customer experience and loyalty with a differentiated customer experience
  2. Disrupting the industry and the competition 
  3. Introducing innovation at a rapid pace 
  4. Optimizing the cost, speed to market, and volume of new digital experiences
  5. Supporting mandated changes such as regulatory compliance in a timely way

The question is not whether to modernize at all, but what and how to modernize. Should you move your core applications to AWS? Which business areas or applications will deliver the largest impact or highest value for the business when modernized? Are there applications that should not be modernized because they have reached the end of their useful life? What are best practices for breaking apart monoliths? To answer all these questions, organizations must partner with a company that can deliver a best of breed combination which pertains to modernized software and technology implementation, combined with consultancy and advisory experience.




Since inception, CompTechCo has started as a software implementation company, hence it is in our ‘DNA’ to continuously embrace the latest software development standards that are required for application modernization, such as embracing a Micro Services Architecture, open APIs and Low Code Development. On the other hand, CompTechCo ‘s team of seasoned consultant and advisors provide proven approaches for detailed assessment and analysis of existing legacy based applications, as well as existing e-Services, so that a future proof roadmap can be documented, which can aid organizations towards seamlessly executing their application modernization strategy.