Orchestra Digital Service Platform

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated Digital Transformation roadmaps for organizations of all kind; the new normal has also created a new ‘Check list’ for organizations to consider, when evaluating Enterprise Software; from a Business Process Management and Automation standpoint, the ‘Automation’ notion has become a board level discussion, and has incorporated many essential dimensions that go further than just addressing efficiency and resilience

The Orchestra Digital Process Automation platform is a proud next generation Saudi developed and architected BPMS platform, designed for agility and change, as well as providing a business outcome driven approach, that allows organizations of all sizes, to accelerate their Digital Transformation journeys, through a best in class combination of ‘inside-out’ and ‘outside-in’ business process modeling, management, automation and optimization

Orchestra provides the following essential dimensions:

  • Seamless & Omni-Channel Customer Journeys
  • World Class Process Modeling & Orchestration
  • Real Time & Omni-Channel AI
  • Comprehensive Case Management
  • Incorporates RPA and Digital Workers
  • Comprehensive & Diversified Service Catalogue
  • Open APIs for Seamless Integration

The inside-out approach touch bases on the efficiency and governance dimensions; allowing organizations to map and model their processes based on universal standards (BPMN and DMN), as well as provide comprehensive service catalogues, based on low code process building, that embraces agile and design thinking methodologies.

From our perspective, Business Process Management (BPM) and Case management is not only about streamlining processes, its also about creating better experiences for both your employees and customers; this requires a holistic approach to automation: thinking about all of your organization’s processes and how they interconnect to deliver outcomes. Orchestra goes beyond traditional BPM, allowing organizations to take a truly end-to-end approach to transformation, using intelligence and design thinking to streamline processes – and create better experiences – for your employees and customers

To accelerate and realize success with Orchestra Digital Process Process Automation, it’s necessary to rethink the processes around the outcomes customers seek and the experiences they demand, and then integrate the tasks and automations needed to design and deliver those journeys.

The Orchestra Digital Process Automation platform delivers comprehensive and scalable digital process automation (DPA) technology which brings together robotic automation, case management, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver outcomes. A DPA strategy will help you address the forward needs of your business in more fundamental ways, utilising ‘outside- in’ thinking to reimagine and digitise end-to-end processes so they truly meet the needs of modern customers and markets. The ‘outside-in’ approach built within Orchestra, allows for designing customer and employee journeys that are seamless and frictionless across all digital channels, as depicted below:

The Orchestra DPA platform is engineered and architected as Saudi IP (Intellectual Property), and takes into consideration all artifacts that are required for process modeling, e-forms generation, process orchestration, process automation and optimization. Orchestra provides organizations with a future proof Digital Process and Digital Service platform that is purely built using a microservices architecture, automating and orchestrating processes using the world class Camunda workflow engine.

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