Data is the new oil ! I’m sure we have all heard this before; organizations of all sizes want to capitalize on their data in order to make it a source of sustainable competitive advantage; they want to leverage analytics and get results immediately. They know there is enormous potential from advanced analytic methods such as machine learning, natural language processing and other forms of Artificial Intelligence.  They are chomping at the bit to get the insights they need to drive the business. From a governance perspective, the SDAIA (Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority) has provided, through the NDMO, a comprehensive Data Management and Personal Data Protection framework, across 15 domains (depicted below); CompTechCo delivers a proven and world class methodology for the establishment and operation of a Data Management Office, in compliance with NDMO standards, as well as addressing the required ‘Gap Analysis’ framework in order to make sure that each of the below domains is properly addressed and meets its related objectives and KPIs.