CompTechCo has proven competencies in planning and executing comprehensive and in-depth Digital Transformation strategies that align the essential assets of any organization: people, culture, processes and data. We collaborate closely with industry leaders in order to spark a ‘Future proof and Next Generation’ mindset for rethinking operations to transform their business for continued growth. Some of the essential dimensions of CompTechCo’s Digital Transformation journey include:



  1. Conduct a comprehensive ‘As-is’ capabilities assessment
  2. Recommend the vision/mission/objectives of the Digital Transformation Strategy , in addition to  conducting a SWOT analysis
  3. Provide a detailed plan which lists the Digital Transformation initiatives, in full alignment with the related priority matrix
  4. List the internal and external factors that could impact the pace of the Digital Transformation. Internal factors such as the organization’s structure, culture and operating model. Global external factors such as Gartner and Forrester recommendations for accelerating digital transformation in a post COVID-19 era; local external factors pertaining to Saudi Arabia, such as monitoring the latest updates on the QIYAS program (KSA’s Digital Government Authority), as well as KSA’s National Data Management Office (NDMO)