Have you ever built a new house, or rebuilt an existing one? If you did, most likely  an architect has been involved guiding you through the whole process of permits,  drawings and construction. In this process, the architect creates insightful two- and  three-dimensional drawings, models and views of the house. These show the  structure of the house, its division into rooms (like the kitchen, living, bedrooms,  and bathroom), its windows with views of the light, the networks of electricity, gas  and plumbing, etc. The architectural design process of a house is a well-established  discipline, using internationally accepted standards for describing and visualizing  the design, and various ways to present the design and analyze and calculate the  strength of the proposed construction. The architect is well trained in the design  methods, the modelling language and certain supporting tools. 



Building or rebuilding an organization is a much more complex and challenging  task. First of all because the steps one has to take in order to (re)build an organization are not standardized. One could start by first (re)designing business processes, followed by the application (re)design. Or one could first design generic  application services, followed by designing business processes on top of these.  The Open Group Architectural Framework (TOGAF) defines a  standard way to take these steps. This enables enterprise architects to (re)design an  organization and its supporting IT systems in a uniform and standard way.





CompTechCo provides a proven and best of breed approach, in addition to access to a wealth of seasoned consultants, in order to provide organizations with a comprehensive Enterprise Architecture which covers all BDAT layers (Business, Data, Applications, Technology) , paving the way for organizations to have a future proof and next generation Enterprise Architecture.