From our perspective, Digital Process Management (DPA), Business process Management (BPM) and Case management is not only about streamlining processes, it’s also about creating better, omni-channel experiences for both your employees and customers, and this requires a holistic approach to automation: thinking about all of your organization’s processes and how they interconnect to deliver tangible outcomes, across multiple digital channels. Digital process automation (DPA) goes beyond traditional BPM, allowing organizations to take a truly end-to-end approach to transformation. DPA is about using intelligence and design thinking to streamline processes – and create better experiences – for your employees and customers.

Given the task-oriented scope of RPA-based automations, RPA handles the integration with legacy applications, whereas DPA manages the long-running business process and related artifacts. Think of it as the DPA providing the conveyor belt, coordinating the work of the automations (robots) at points along the production line.