Every organization faces the dilemma of the ‘Digital Enterprise Challenge’; regardless of the industry, every business has both a front office and back office segment. The reality is that any mid to large scale organization has hundreds of applications in both the front office and back office, for addressing customer experience, productivity applications and systems of record; on average, an enterprise has over 1500 applications, and they are all siloed ! there is no wonder that organizations are struggling to create a Digital Enterprise; imagine the experience of the customer , going through all this legacy of applications! This is the area where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) shines. Through the Automation Anywhere (AA) Digital Workforce platform, the objective is to automate and integrate all applications in both the front office and back office, bridging the gap between the front and back office, in order to create a true, future proof and sustainable Digital Enterprise

The ultimate objective of the AA Digital Workforce platform, is to liberate the human workforce, by taking the ‘robot out of the human’ , and putting human like intelligence into software bots, so that the human intellect can achieve greater things. This is done through a comprehensive Digital Workforce Platform, that can act (RPA), think (AI enabled IQBOT), and eventually Analyze (BOT Insight) like humans